In 2019

                      Cooperate with elux and Weiji air purifier to provide Controller & WiFi & Bluetooth & app module.

                      In 2018

                      Increase investment in the production line, cooperate with elux to provide small-size brushless high-speed motor products, and establish a full-automatic motor production line.

                      In 2016

                      Vigorously invest in R & D expenses and start R & D and production of BLDC electric tool driver; Cooperate with Makita and greebo. The electric vehicle drive controller is put into operation.

                      In 2015

                      Start R & D and production of induction cooker controller; Follow Zhigao, Jiuyang and v-zug to start development cooperation.

                      In 2012

                      Increase investment in R & D, and start R & D and production of range hood controller; Start development cooperation with cata and flanke.

                      In 2011

                      The self-developed variable frequency motor control technology has been popularized and applied in a large area, and variable frequency refrigerator controller, variable frequency air conditioning controller, variable frequency washing machine controller, BLDC and PMSM motor controller have been put into production one after another. We began to carry out research and development in the field of electric vehicle control, and jointly carried out the development of electric vehicle control with the 52nd Electronic Research Institute of CLP technology group.

                      In 2010

                      The intelligent fire alarm and evacuation indication and control system is independently developed and approved by the national fire brigade. At present, it is listed as the promotion of innovative fire products in Hunan. Enter the medical product industry and cooperate with E & V to develop and produce oxygen machine controller.

                      In 2009

                      The controller of automobile tire dynamic balance tester developed for hunter, a famous American automobile equipment supplier, was successfully put into operation.

                      In 2008

                      Establish cooperation with v-zug of Switzerland to produce induction cooker and dishwasher controller. The self-developed servo motor control technology tends to be mature. The fully self-designed full-automatic industrial servo sewing machine controller is supplied to the market in batch.

                      In 2007

                      Establish and pass ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 system certification, establish ESD anti-static workshop, and produce dishwasher controller for GE and whirlpool.

                      In 2005

                      Successfully imported Kingdee erp-k3 system to realize company management informatization and process. Cooperate with Midea dishwasher division to develop and produce dishwasher controller. Set up a development team of DC motor and variable frequency compressor to develop a technical platform with independent intellectual property rights.

                      In 2004

                      Fully establish the procurement, inspection, manufacturing and quality assurance system in line with ROHS management requirements. Become a partner of BSH (Bosch Siemens) to develop and produce home appliance controllers such as air conditioner, coffee machine, electric iron, vacuum cleaner, mixer and so on.

                      In 2003

                      Fully cooperate with Taiwan Weiji to develop and produce mobile air conditioner and dehumidifier controller.

                      In 2002


                      In 2001

                      The air duct central air conditioning controller was successfully developed and put into operation with York.

                      In 2000

                      It is recognized as "Shenzhen high tech enterprise" by Shenzhen Science and Technology Bureau.

                      In 1999

                      Cooperate with Fedders to develop a variety of controllers for its branches around the world.

                      In 1998

                      Passed ISO9000 quality system certification.

                      In 1997

                      Cooperate with Trane air conditioner to develop and produce commercial air conditioning unit controller.

                      In 1994

                      Fully cooperate with Gree air conditioner to develop and produce household air conditioner control panel. It has become the exclusive controller supplier of Gree air conditioning, and fully cooperates in the development and production of wall mounted machines, cabinet machines, window machines and mobile air conditioning controllers.

                      In 1992

                      Developed the first split wall mounted air conditioner controller and remote controller in China, and established a supply cooperation relationship with Chunlan air conditioner.

                      In 1990

                      Shenzhen gaokerun Electronics Co., Ltd. was established.