Gaokerun's badminton competition in 2011 came to a successful conclusion

                      Author vch11168732 Published in 2021-10-15 17:51

                      After nearly a month's competition, the dust has finally settled for the top, second and third place of badminton in 2011. Regret; Accidents; There are surprises; Have fun. The most dramatic thing is the first and second round of lottery. In full view of the public, Minister Zhang, the determined champion candidate, actually took the wheel space for two consecutive rounds, which makes all the participating players happy: great, he took the wheel space, which is just what everyone expected! In the semi-finals, Chen zeliang / Feng songdi played against Wang Jianchuan / Chen Degang. In the first two games, the two sides drew 1:1. In the final decisive game, the situation was intense, reaching 5-level, 8-level, 11-level, 16-level and 20-level. Finally, Chen / Feng won 22-20. However, what I want to tell you is that Feng songdi added a big bar of chocolate before the competition, and Minister Wang added a can of red bull during the competition. Do people say that this group of competitions violates the Anti Doping principle? ha-ha! The final result of the competition is:

                      Champion: Zhang Hongliang, Shao Shimei

                      Runner up: Chen zeliang, Feng songdi

                      Second runner up: Tang Yongqiang, Wu Jingliang

                      This year's badminton activities have ended here and are finally over. I hope you will continue to participate next year to make next year's competition more exciting, but also make our body healthier and work happier!

                      Finally, the Badminton Association wishes all high-tech runren: Happy New Year!


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